Surprise notifications!

Well, here I am, blogging for the first time. Getting to this point has been a challenging experience, I must say. From my  computer acting funny, to pictures for my author Facebook page not loading properly, I’ve wanted to forget blogging, throw the laptop out the window, and just take a nap! But something inspirational happenend about an hour ago that’s keeping me right here, pressing forward through the error messages, and past the frozen cursor: 3 people “liked” my author page that I had basically just finished setting up. I had not invited anyone, nor had I even put any pictures on the page – it literally only had my name. No posts, nor news, nothing–just the name “Author Berta Coleman” and that generic little profile picture thing.

I’m not sure how my friends Edwin, Tommy, and Sherri knew that my author page even existed, but I am grateful for their support. Seeing that little red notification pop up out of nowhere pushed me to go a little farther.

So I find myself here with this laptop computer still on my lap, trying to pull it all together, all because I got a fresh burst of inspiration from the support of friends.

Here’s hoping that you find the strength and motivation to keep working at whatever endeavor is on your heart. Here’s also hoping that you have an Edwin, Tommy, and Sherri when you need them!

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One comment on “Surprise notifications!
  1. Crystal says:

    Books for Thoughts would have had this in their front window 😉 !!! Super proud of you honeybunches of oats!!! Keep achieving your goals and good luck with the new pregnancy. Smooches! Chrissy Robinson

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