Birth Announcement!

Yesterday, I had a baby! Yep, that’s right; I finally “gave birth” to and released my novel entitled “Honor My Father…Really?”! It’s been a long, arduous process, but like many other great authors, I did it.

Someone asked me if I’m now leaping for joy and turning cartwheels. Actually, I’m not. I’m extremely happy that this novel has been released, but I’ve worked on and nurtured it since its conception a long time ago. So, I knew that eventually, the novel would “come out”. This baby “fluttered” during the editing and rewriting stages. I’ve watched it grow as I fed it creativity, positivity, and prayer. I experienced “Braxton Hicks contractions” when I thought the project was ready to be released, but ran into problems getting the website up, and refused to release the book prematurely without a website. True labor contractions came on the scene when I labored to refrain from destroying my computer (it was giving me all kinds of error messages, shutting completely off in the middle of uploads, erasing all of my favorites, wiping out all of my downloads—and did I mention I still can’t even open Microsoft Word?)! But I had to keep pushing to deliver this novel, this task that God said I was well able to accomplish.

So, while I’m not swinging from the ceiling, I have tremendous gratitude to God for giving me the desire of my heart. He said He would do that, and He absolutely did. But have you ever seen a new mom swinging from the ceiling the day after she gives birth? I am indeed happy and excited, and definitely have the pride a new mommy feels when she and others can finally see her new bundle of joy. So, if you haven’t already purchased the book, let me introduce you to my new baby, “Honor My Father…Really?”, born April 15, 2013.

p.s. I’m already pregnant again…leave me a comment if you understand that!

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6 comments on “Birth Announcement!
  1. harriett roach says:

    Can’t wait for the next bundle of joy

  2. u know i sooo know what u are talking about!
    i am so incredibly proud of u i can’t stand it! i just ready 7 chapters of your book, and if it weren’t for pre-arranged plans, i would be sitting here on my booty all day, reading your baby all the way through!
    i still remember u poppin’ up over my cubby, scaring the life out of me, to bounce an idea for a book off of my scattered brain. i remember being impressed and encouraging u — as i am impressed, and encouraging u now! i can’t wait to finish this book and one day read your next baby!!!!
    congratulations to u. i’m so glad you heard Him when He said u could do this. u could and u did and will do it again!
    love u to pieces!

    • bcole3131 says:

      Vicki, I absolutely remember the day we stood talking about this over our cubicles. Thanks to God for never letting the story die in my mind! And thank you, Vicki, for listening to and believing in the story that day! I remember you saying, “Hurry, go on and write it so I can read it!” Encouraging words I always remembered…

  3. Nigeria says:

    I understand. I am glad to have been able to witness this birth. I pray that the blessings of the Lord be upon this book and the books to come.

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