Another First!

This past weekend, I attended a book club discussion meeting for the very first time. It really was a fun event, with lots of varying viewpoints, thought-provoking comments, laughter, and of course – food. I was really impressed with the number of people who knew the book “inside out”, and were genuinely eager to share their thoughts and emotions. There were Q&A segments with prizes, plus props from the storyline. Everyone had a blast!

I can hear you thinking, “Well, duh-uh, Berta! That’s what they usually do at book club meetings; what’s the big deal?” The big deal is that the very first book club meeting I attended was for MY book, “Honor My Father…Really?” I was completely overwhelmed by the readers who seemed to effortlessly be able to recount any given part of the story. They came full of anticipation, ready to share their perceptions and exchange thoughts. The readers’ excitement fueled my writing passion even more. Book 2, here I come!

Here’s an excerpt from “Honor My Father…Really?”:

He looked at his crying wife standing before him. He wanted to show her tenderness and compassion, but he couldn’t – not before he got answers. She was finally breaking. It hurt his heart to withhold kindheartedness from her, but he had to. He stepped closer. “Ranya, I’m waiting. What are you hiding?”
“This thing…he…” she tried to speak through her sobs. She tried again, “This thing will try to kill me,” she whimpered.
Click. Michael instantly went into warrior mode, and contemplated running to retrieve his .45 caliber pistol out of the lockbox in the back of his closet. They might be having their issues right now, but nobody was going to physically harm his woman. He demanded information. “Who? Who will kill you?” He put his hands on her shoulders and bent slightly to force Ranya to look into his eyes. “Who is after you, baby?”
“You’ll think I’m crazy,” Her weeping was now uncontrollable.
“Ranya, please talk to me, sweetheart.” He pulled her close. She did not return the embrace, but instead folded her arms inward and placed her hands on his chest, allowing herself to be totally enveloped by her husband as she lamented. When she got louder, he strengthened his hold on her; when she quieted, he rubbed circles over her back. He began to whisper angelic prayers as they stood swaying in the midLst of the broken porcelain plates on the ceramic tile floor. Soon she joined him in prayer. This was the Ranya he’d married.

Did you enjoy that teaser? Let’s discuss it at the next “Dine-N-Discuss” book club event! See you then!

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