About Me

41C Berta photo in pinkI’m glad you stopped by this page! This won’t be your typical, third-person, “about me” page, written by someone other than me. Instead, it’ll be me—telling you—a little bit about me. A little friendlier, right?

I love to write—always have. My earliest memory of loving to write was in Mrs. Threlkeld’s 3rd grade class, when we had to write Arbor Day essays for a school contest. And guess who won? Yours truly! Didn’t know a thing about Arbor Day before Mrs. Threlkeld announced the contest, but I’m convinced that the purpose of that experience was to introduce me to my passion for writing.

I have also always loved to read. I’d be one of those kids who’d get reprimanded for having a story book out in class when I was supposed to be doing math, or something like that. When I was little, I’d infuriate my older sister when she was tasked with braiding my hair, because I’d run off to get a different book between braids.

I love to play piano—I can’t say that I always have. Not on those grueling days when I sat at our piano wanting desperately to go outside and play with the other kids in the street, but was stuck looking at the staff, trying to figure out what keys to play, what the circles on the lines meant, or walking EVERY single week to Mrs. Foster’s house for 1-hour lessons, blah, blah, blah. But then something divine happened: I started playing by ear. I didn’t learn to play by ear, I just started playing by ear. I became this skinny little “maestra”! That’s when I started loving to play piano. That was over 30 years ago—which I’m told may confuse you if you’re hearing this story and looking at me. . . something about not looking old enough to have been playing for over 30 years? I guess you’ll have to like my Facebook page to see the photo, and judge for yourself…

My real name is Berta. Not Alberta, not Roberta. I’ve got an interesting story to tell you about my name, but not here. I’ll post it on an upcoming blog. Please stay tuned!

I’m married to the world’s greatest husband, and we have two of the world’s greatest teenagers! (Here’s another area where people say, “You don’t look old enough to have been married for almost 20 years!” Again, look for yourself – “like” my Facebook page!) We live in Central Florida, and don’t have a single pet!

I think you’re awesome for taking an interest in my book, and I’d love to keep you around for more! Thanks for reading all of this, and post a comment I so can hear from you!

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