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4 comments on “Contact Me
  1. Gail Hines says:

    Berta! So proud of your GF! God’s good! Looking forward to reading it & looking with eager anticipation for your success!

    Good luck with your next pregnancy 🙂 Hopefully your 2nd baby will be less problematic! 🙂

    • bcole3131 says:

      Thanks, Gail! Wish you were here for the “delivery”, and didn’t have to move away so far. But we can still keep in touch; thanks for your support!

  2. Paulette Brown says:

    Hi Berta, I have really enjoyed reading your book it was awesome, God truly has a calling on your life for writing, I am looking forward to your next one. Paulette x

    • bcole3131 says:

      Thanks for your encouragement, Paulette! The sequel is on its way; I am so excited for you to see how the Holloway family attempts to rebound from all that has happened. Please stay tuned…

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