Honor My Father…Really?

A story of lies, deceit and exposure...

A story of lies,deceit and exposure


A young man’s resistance to a connection with God, and the family secrets that threaten to buckle his knees as he takes the first steps on his pathway to faith…

Eighteen year-old Devin Holloway never thought he’d see the day he actually yearned to know God for himself. And why would he? It seemed his Praise and Worship Leader, at-church-all-the-time father fulfilled the spirituality requirements for the entire Holloway family. But in an effort to quell a long-time curiosity, and to put an end to his parents’ constant urges to develop a relationship with God, Devin finally embarks on a spiritual journey that begins to satisfy his soul.

While out with new friends Nate, Ava, and the gorgeous McKenna, Devin witnesses his father in a compromising situation that threatens total mockery of his newly-created spiritual bond. Amid shocking family secrets, cover-ups, and lies, Devin struggles to respect his father, and gathers support from his friends, who reassure him that his decision to invite Christ into his life was a good one. But his infantile faith is not yet strong enough to handle the confusion he faces, and Devin must wrestle with temptation to throw in the towel on either his father, or on God. Or will he simply walk out on both?

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One comment on “Honor My Father…Really?
  1. James Liason says:

    Meet you and your husband @ Tom Joiner this summer @ the Garlord. We talked and found out I also am from Winter Haven like yourself. Sorry it took me so long but I did read your book.It was a great read. I will pass it on to friends. Let me know when the when the next one is printed or any other books you recommend. God bless you

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